[illumos-Developer] HEADS UP: Illumos no longer depends upon the 'extras' pkg repository

Richard Lowe richlowe at richlowe.net
Sun Aug 15 12:40:34 PDT 2010

With my integration of:

changeset:   12787:c8c5cc99535f
tag:         tip
user:        Richard Lowe <richlowe at richlowe.net>
date:        Sun Aug 15 15:22:57 2010 -0400
	29 illumos build should not depend upon 'extras' pkg repository

Illumos no longer has build dependencies upon the OpenSolaris 'extras'
pkg repository, which contained components that could only be
distributed by Oracle.

You may now safely remove the SUNWadmj, SUNWjsnmp, SUNWwbapi, SUNWwbcou
and SUNWwbdev packages from your build machines.

This comes at the expense of the DHCP server management tools no longer
having the ability to automatically manage your host table (this only
worked if you had the above packages installed on the dhcp server
machine), and the removal of the facilities provided by ON's cmd/wbem
directory, primarily wbem providers which consumed consolidation-private
interfaces, and were consumed by closed and (with OpenSolaris)
undistributed parts of the Admin consolidation.

Bugs to the bug tracker, but please also Cc me to be sure I see them.

Let's see what I broke...

-- Rich

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