[illumos-Developer] HEADS UP: new "sed" integrated

Garrett D'Amore garrett at nexenta.com
Wed Dec 15 22:29:09 PST 2010

With the integration of my replacement for "sed", you should be aware of
a few things.

a) REG_STARTEND is now supported in libc's regex code.
b) sed now supports several new options, including -i and -I
c) sed is a bit pickier about certain errors -- its possible erroneous
scripts that the old sed supported won't work now.
d) if you use incremental builds, please clean your proto area.
e) the regex code was missing support for \< and \>.  That's fixed now.

Interestingly there is not much left of the closed userland POSIX code.
"more" and "pax" are about it.  The rest is mostly device specific
support, and support for IKE and NFS lock manager.  Projects are
underway to provide alternatives for those closed bits too.  Stay
tuned. :-)

   - Garrett

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