[illumos-Developer] HEADS UP: English Locales Available

Garrett D'Amore garrett at damore.org
Mon Aug 30 23:51:05 PDT 2010

With my push of "7 Need locale databases", illumos now has locale data
that is functional for the following locales:

en_{US,AU,CA,NZ,GB}.{UTF-8,US-ASCII,ISO8859-1,ISO8859-15} and

Note that I've only really tested the UTF-8 locales much.

If someone wants to work on importing locale data for other locales,
they should contact me and I'll help walk them through it (its not super
hard, but its not really trivial either -- good expertise with Makefiles
will be helpful).  One serious challenge for other locales will be UTF-8
collating data.  I don't have a good source of that that is in a format
that is readily available.

	- Garrett

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