[illumos-Developer] HEADS UP: sparc build fixed, niagra crypto removed

Garrett D'Amore garrett at nexenta.com
Fri Nov 19 12:23:21 PST 2010

First off, I've fixed the SPARC build.  So you can go back to building
illumos on SPARC.

Second, I've removed the n2cp and ncp drivers which provided Niagra hw
accelerated crypto.  The bits are located in the old sparc crypto
tarball, which you can obtain from the OpenSolaris download site at
Oracle.  They were removed because of

a) we would have had to reinstate the crypto tarball on sparc, which may
have caused other grief.

b) I can't verify for certain that they would have worked

c) illumos will probably never Niagra crypto acceleration unless specs
for the necessary hardware are made available (which seems unlikely)

d) ultimately, these drivers are not *necessary* for correct operation
of the system.

If you want to add the drivers manually, you will need to copy them into
the right place (from the crypto tarball) -- these may or may not work
so caveat emptor:


Then to enable them you need to configure them with add_drv, like this:

add_drv -i '"SUNW,kt-mau" "SUNW,n2-mau" "SUNW,sunv4-ncp" "SUNW,vf-mau"'

add_drv -i '"SUNW,kt-cwq" "SUNW,n2-cwq" "SUNW,vf-cwq"' n2cp


	- Garrett

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